Artificial Intelligence & Cosmic Intelligence In Digital Marketing

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI):Makes our lives easier, faster and, helps us to live and learn more. Industry produces larger quantities with everincreasing efficiency and creating larger tax revenues for a modern society. It is used in social media, the whole travel industry, shopping, marketing, education, robotic devices, smartphones automation, and so forth… Does it provide more options for a modern lifestyle, a busy culture for our dreams?

Like all matters in our dualistic , reality there is the other side of the coin: inflation, unemployment, consumer waste, overload of information, anxiety, emotional dependence, physical ignorance and an economic formula benefiting the minority. How about the effect on our freedom, privacy and thinking? You are talking about a bag that you like, and a few hours later it shows up on your social media. Coincidence? Intellectual Pollution?


COSMIC INTELLIGENCE (CI): subcosnciousness, observing, and tuning in are a very big part of this intelligence. Learning via nature, animals, and meditation can help us to reflect on our personal work and life in general. Being still, grateful, less focused on materialistic wealth,and not worrying so much.

Scientists and metaphysics are slowly completing the circle of holistic knowledge. Occult science and multi-dimensional possibilities are an accepted part of academia today. Are silence and solitude showing the way?

Intuition – making use of this talent. Understanding how the brain works helps us to still the mind, allowing us to connect with our inner intuition.  It teaches us how to take a slow deep breath, observe nature, focus on sounds, let go of running thoughts, tap into the cosmic mind.

Observing. trusting the body and mind together . The body is like an antenna, it always provides information. Before making decisions or pushing out material we can ask the question “Is there real value here or is this going to create pain?”

Emotions like love, hate, fear and more complicated  feelings like jealousy, empathy and embarrassment are difficult for robots. The mind and body are a complex network of energy fields connected to many different types of catalysts here on this planet and beyond.

The human mind is made to think, solve and understand. It’s important to use intuition in combination with rational thinking. Courage is surely one of our main talents but how do we program Artificial Intelligence to use this powerful skill in marketing?

In this bigger picture, using CI and AI should result in a more profound and efficient use of our  resources.

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