Študija primera akcije nagradnih iger: Več kot 65.000 novih e-poštnih stikov z 1 oglaševalsko akcijo vodilne generacije

Sweepstakes campaign is a great way to get a lot of new leads and email contacts. In this case study, I’ll show you how our client gain over 65.000 new email contacts and more than 15.500 visitors to their brick and mortar shops with just one vodilni gen campaign.

Who was the client

In this case, the client was AFP Ltd., the exclusive agent for the Adidas brand for Slovenia, Croatia, and BiH. In addition to online sales, they also have a network of brick and mortar stores. They offer their customers Adidas sports shoes and sportswear.

Who was a digital marketing specialist?

Uroš Vidali, project manager and specialist for lead generation campaigns. He has been building contact bases for over 10 years and has completed more than 400 projects during that time.

Kaj je bil cilj?

The project had two key goals.

  1. Gaining more than 30,000 new contacts
  2. Attracting at least 5.000 potential customers to their brick and mortar stores

In the end, we didn’t reach the client’s goals…

… we exceeded them for more than 100%.

  1. Over 65,000 new contacts
  2. We brought 15,568 potential new customers to their brick and mortar stores

How we did it?

We set up a viral promotion in the form of viral sweepstakes which took place for 45 days. Each participant had to submit their personal data to participate and agree to the terms and conditions.

As a part of the promotion, the participants sent 401,612 e-mail invitations to their friends, acquaintances, and relatives.

All contacts were obtained by all applicable laws. We also included a foot-traffic moment in the promotion (increasing the number of visits to off-line shops). Each participant had the opportunity to print a voucher for a free bracelet.

The coupon was required as it could be redeemed for a free bracelet -> this is how we brought 15,568 potential customers to offline stores.

Results in numbers

Sweepstakes campaign case study


This sweepstakes campaign exceeded all initial goals. The participant’s response was such that the client had to order additional stock of bracelets.

In a year, we repeated the promotion. The concept was similar, only the motivating factor for visiting the store was altered (free temporary tattoos instead of bracelets).

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