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Kdo je bil naročnik?

In this case, the client was one of the most recognizable Slovenian companies for selling protective phone cases. They offer a variety of products that are made out of quality materials and are durable.

Who was the digital marketing specialist?

Gašper Kokot is a Facebook and Google Advertising specialist. He has more than 3 years of experience in the field of digital advertising, as well as in setting up a wide variety of advanced and targeted campaigns, which are well prepared and executed.

Kaj je bil izziv?

The project had one goal—Squeeze out as many sales as possible with a certain budget.

Objective 1 Making a traffic campaign to capture a high percentage of people interested in our business. 

Objective 2 Achieving at least 100 purchases with a maximal 5.5 EUR spend per purchase with a remarketing campaign and achieve a ROAS of 3.5

Gašper used knowledge of previous campaigns to create a high-converting campaign. He also made the creatives used in the campaign to ensure a quality campaign. Even though he was on a small budget, he  still managed to make a very profitable campaign.

Traffic campaign
  • 280.953 impressions
  • 88.785 reach
  • 4220 clicks
  • CPC 0.07 EUR
Remarketing campaign
  • 115 purchases
  • 4.58 EUR per purchase
  • 18.712 reach
  • ROAS 4.6

How we did it?

We have prepared our catalogue and promoted it on Facebook and Instagram news feed. Results were very promising and we were looking forward to seeing how the remarketing campaign will perform.

The creative was in sync with the client’s website (fonts and colours). That way we ensured good communication with the customer.

In the remarketing campaign, we also made sure to create a lookalike audience in a separate ad set to engage with high-converting customers.


The campaign was executed in the Slovenian market. The client had a small budget but we made the best out of it.

The campaign was successful given the set goals at the beginning. We surpassed all goals, achieved a high ROAS, and increased the client’s database.

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  Gasper Kokot

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