Facebook dinamično ponovno trženje za stranko B2B [študija primera]

Find out how Facebook dynamic remarketing for a B2B client brought in additional 3766 purchases that netted 225.573,32€ with only 6.634,46€ Facebook ad spend. Let’s see how we did it.

Kaj je bil projekt?

Advance Facebook dynamic remarketing campaign set up for Redoljub d.o.o.

Kdo je bil naročnik?

In this case, the client was one of the leading Slovenian companies for the sale of office supplies and stationery. They are distinguished by a very wide selection of quality products with affordable prices and fast delivery (1-day delivery).

Who was the digital marketing specialist?

Bogo Čakš is a Facebook Advertising specialist. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of Facebook advertising, as well as in setting up a wide variety of advanced and targeted campaigns.

Kaj je bil izziv?

The project had two goals.

Objective 1: Establish Facebook dynamic remarketing

Objective 2: Achieve a cost-per-purchase value below 3 EUR and optimize Facebook dynamic remarketing together with the client. The client’s explicit desire/strategy is to treat his customers in a very individual, targeted manner on non-intrusive advertising. The subscriber already does a great deal of work on his page with cross-segmentation and customer tracking.

Kakšni so bili rezultati?

  1. Facebook Dynamic Remarketing was successfully established in collaboration with the administrators of the Redoljub website.
  2. The cost-per-purchase we were achieving was only 1. 76 EUR.

Campaign overview

Reach, conversions, and cost-per-conversion:

Facebook dynamic remarketing results

Porabljen proračun:

FB remarketing spend

Total sales:

Facebook dynamical remarketing campaign setup

A total number of purchases:

FB remarketing purchase

How we did it

We took on the project step by step:

  1. Review and analyze the online store.
  2. Review of Facebook Advertising Account (Facebook Business Manager).
  3. Preparation of the Facebook advertising account to set up a dynamic RE-Marketing.
  4. Preparation of the appropriate guidelines/documentation to establish dynamic RE-marketing which we submitted to the client’s programming team.
  5. At the time of setting up dynamic RE-marketing, we provided support to the programming team when creating a product catalog.
  6. We reviewed the adequacy of the prepared product catalog.
  7. We placed the product catalog on the client’s Facebook advertising account.
  8. We did the full installation of the product catalog within the Facebook advertising account (the dynamics of product catalog refreshment are discussed together).
  9. We set up environments to set up dynamic RE-marketing ads.
  10. Together with the client, we have identified the appropriate target groups.
  11. After installation, we tested the adequacy of the product catalog.


The project exceeded the set goal because the current price (1.76 EUR) per purchase is way lower than initially planned ( 3 EUR), but at the same time, we achieved a large number of quality clicks (17.000 +) and extremely high-quality reach (83.000).

It should be emphasized that the results are above average especially because the client did a good job on his side providing a solid knowledge of his existing potential customers.

As mentioned, the client’s position is clear that he does not “spam” his existing and potential customers with advertising content that is not relevant to them. Focus is primarily on the fact that the advertising content is targeted accordingly to the purchase phase the existing buyer or the potential buyer is.

This Case Study is a good example of how a digital agency can work with a client who is aware of the importance of clear and targeted communication.

Do you need help with Facebook dynamic remarketing setup? Give us a try.

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