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Ecommerce website and conversion tracking is broken

On average, 10-30% of your shoppers are never tracked due to recent trends such as new privacy regulations, the rollout of iOS 14, third-party cookie deprecation and an increase in ad blocker usage. This has resulted in:

  • – Inaccurate and lower ad performance (e.g. lower ROAS in Meta, Google Ads)
  • – Unreliable analytics dashboards (e.g. Google Analytics 4)


Server-side tracking is a future-proof solution which leverages your first party data and ensures that you never miss another conversion.

Better ecommerce tracking, attribution, and analytics

Converge helps ecommerce stores solve their most pressing data problems and build a competitive advantage through accurate data

We enable reliable tracking of website data, conversions, and much more. Through our best-in-class data layer, we offer 3 main solutions: 


Accurate analytics

Your GA4 is set up in minutes, and will show accurate and reliable analytics



Reliable and improved ad performance


Regain trust in your conversion tracking and ROAS metrics through best-in class server-side and client-side tracking.


Improve ad performance and ROAS by sending better data to ad platforms to help them improve internal advertising algorithms.


Attribution dashboard

Consolidate your ad performance metrics into a single overview showing you complete cross-channel performance 

Consolidate your ad performance metrics

Once accurate data is flowing into the ad platforms, Converge also provides a cross-channel and cross-store overview of key metrics.


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