Prepoznavnost blagovne znamke in povečanje prihodkov

Kaj je bil projekt?

Brand recognition and revenue scaling via a Sustainable Strategy and Google Ads campaigns.

Kdo je bil naročnik?

Založba Primus d.o.o. publishing house and online bookstore. Založba Primus is a publisher of carefully selected books in the fields of personal growth, spirituality, interpersonal relationships, education, natural healing methods and quality fiction.

Kdo je bil specialist za digitalni marketing (vodja projekta)?

The two key specialists in charge of handling campaigns were Natalija Rajković and Matej Železnik.

Kaj je bil izziv?

The project had a primary objective and a secondary objective:

  1. Primary objective: Brand recognition (brand awareness)
  2. Secondary objective: Long Term Revenue scaling


  1. Primary objective: To increase brand awareness and general online presence (Google Ads)
  2. Secondary objective: Scale the revenue on an on-going cost-effective strategy


Google Ads

  • Invested from November 2018 to March 2020: 5,244.10€
  • Conversion value: 47,411.27€
  • Total number of conversions: 1,561

Results achieved via Brand campaign via Google Ads

Google ads

Revenue scaling (Google Analytics)

  • In comparison to June 2017 to October 2018, we have achieved 117.95% growth in the revenue
  • Google Ads campaign have achieved 386.45% growth revenue

Example 1


Example 2


Kako nam je uspelo?

In the first phase, we set up a well-thought-out structure for the Google Ads account.

We put our focus on lowering the cost-per-click throughout the account on the level of all relevant keywords.

After we had achieved the desired result, we set the Target CPA which brought us down to 0.39€ per conversion.

On the basis of general revenue scaling, we successfully scaled the monthly Google Ads budget up to 500€ per month. Gradual increase of the monthly budget and connecting all the other channels to work in unison (Facebook Ads and email automation) led to the general increase in the revenue.


The project exceeded all of our expectations. With a carefully planned strategy as well as the thoughtfully set structure of the campaigns throughout all the digital channels, we managed to use the set budget to its maximum potential.

As mentioned above, joining the communication throughout the different channels has the potential to achieve a better distribution of the desired content and hence provide results in less time.

The growth here is exponential and will not happen overnight, but it will happen, gradually as long as we keep scaling, analyzing and integrating communication throughout the different channels.

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