Uporabite pojavna okna z namenom izhoda, da ustvarite potencialne stranke ali prodajo

Generate Leads or Sales

It’s well documented that approximately 97% of users don’t convert the first time they’re visiting your website and roughly two-thirds will never return.

Just think of how much potential revenue you’re leaving on the table every time they navigate to leave your website. Do you know that there is a proven tactic to stop users from leaving a website?

The best way to tackle this problem is with exit-intent pop-ups to generate leads or sales. Let’s check how this useful technology works!

What are Exit-Intent Pop-Ups?

Exit-Intent technology tracks visitors’ behaviour and movements on a website (no matter if it’s on a laptop, phone, or tablet) and detects when a visitor is about to leave the site without purchasing anything or leaving its information.

An Exit-Intent Pop-Up appears when the user hovers over the ‘cross’ button and is an attempt to salvage their details for future retargeting efforts. Basically, exit Pop-Up will make an offer to draw the user back to the website.

Here’s an example of how Domabient uses exit-intent pop-ups effectively on their website

In this case, a pop-up appeared with a special offer – free architect consultation. Instead of immediately leaving their site, the average user will click on their Call-To-Action and leave its information.

Think about Lead Magnet

An intelligently designed Lead Magnet can also upsell the potential customer to your products or services, gradually introducing them throughout the content while providing you with a rich source of information for free. A win-win for the company and customer.

Think about Automation

When an individual confides his personal data to you, it should include an e-mail to which you automatically send a ‘thank you’ message. With the help of the automation mechanism, you can automate the whole process

In case you want to keep more readers on your website and increase conversions and revenue by putting exit-intent pop-ups into action, our experienced team can help you

 If you’re looking for experts who can help improve your marketing strategy and set up exit-intent pop-ups that look attractive, don’t annoy the customers, and offer good returns, you’re at the right address.

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