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The shift to completely remote work marked a pivotal chapter in my life, one filled with apprehension, adaptation, and ultimately, profound personal and professional growth. This transition wasn’t just about swapping office desks for home setups, it was about navigating the uncharted waters of digital collaboration and redefining what it means to be part of a team.

From the initial days of uncertainty to finding my stride in a virtual environment, this journey has been a testament to resilience. It challenged my preconceptions about productivity and pushed me to explore new tools and methods for staying connected and engaged. Along the way, I discovered not just the flexibility of remote work but also its potential to foster a deeper sense of autonomy and purpose.

This personal story is more than a narrative of change, it’s an exploration of the opportunities and insights that emerged when I stepped into the vast, untapped potential of remote work. It’s about the lessons learned, the new productivity methods I’ve gained, and the realization that our ability to adapt and thrive is boundless.

How can I match or exceed my office productivity remotely?

My question centers around the essence of productivity and impact: How can I be effective working for our agency and its customers entirely remotely? This query delves into the heart of remote work, seeking strategies to harness its potential to the fullest.

It’s about uncovering the balance between autonomy and accountability, ensuring that despite physical distances, the quality of my work remains uncompromised. To achieve this, I focus on clear communication, proactive project management, and leveraging digital tools that foster collaboration and efficiency.

It’s also about staying attuned to the needs of our clients, understanding their challenges and goals as if we were in the same room. This approach not only maximizes my effectiveness but also reinforces the trust and value we deliver to our clients, all within the digital realm.

Adapting to this mode of operation requires a mindset shift towards continuous learning and flexibility, allowing me to navigate the nuances of remote work dynamics effectively. Embracing this challenge head-on, I am committed to evolving and refining my methods to not just work remotely but to excel in this digital workspace.

My three core productivity pillars

My productivity in a remote work setting is anchored by three core pillars, deeply influenced by both ancient wisdom and personal well-being:

  • Intense Morning Work Sessions: Inspired by the teachings of Tao Master Shi Heng Yi, I’ve found that working intensively from the early morning until 12:00 PM, when the sun reaches its zenith and our ‘jang’—or vital energy—is most potent, significantly boosts my productivity. This period of heightened energy allows me to tackle the most demanding tasks with clarity and vigor.
  • Nutritional Strategy: Recognizing the importance of fueling the brain with the right nutrients, I start my days with fruits. This practice stems from the understanding that fruits provide a quick supply of sugar to the brain while requiring minimal digestive effort, thus converting to energy more efficiently. It’s a reminder that productivity is not just about what we do but also how we nourish our bodies, emphasizing the principle of listening to and understanding one’s own physical needs.
  • Midday Walks: Stepping away for a walk around 12:00 PM or thereabouts acts as a physical and mental reset. This practice not only aligns with the natural pause in my work rhythm as the morning’s intensity wanes but also reinvigorates my mind and body for the afternoon’s tasks. The walk is a crucial transition, marking the shift from the focused energy of the morning to the reflective, creative pace of the afternoon.

These pillars—intense morning work sessions, a strategic approach to nutrition, and the rejuvenating practice of midday walks—form the foundation of my productivity in remote work, encapsulating lessons from ancient wisdom and the importance of listening to my body’s needs. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are myriad other tips and practices that can enhance remote work productivity.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different. I encourage you to explore and identify your own basic three pillars, creating a personalized framework that supports your productivity and well-being in the unique rhythm of remote work.

How did my father benefit from remote work?

Initially, I viewed working from home as a convenience for travel or an eco-friendly choice. However, my perspective shifted dramatically when I saw its benefits for elderly care. Why? Let me explain.

Caring for my parents opened my eyes to the untapped potential of remote work. I found myself able to support my injured father while maintaining productivity.

Instead of typical break-time exercises, I brewed tea for my dad and gave him back massages, which surprisingly boosted my own dopamine levels. Mornings were no longer reserved for reading, I prepared breakfast instead, establishing a healthy routine for my father.

Rather than isolating myself in an apartment, I chose to work in the living room, where my father’s presence subtly improved his focus as he listened in on my work calls. I made sure to inform my colleagues about the open speakers and my father’s company, fostering a transparent and inclusive environment. Far from isolating him, I introduced my father to my coworkers over calls, allowing him to engage and feel socially connected.

Was this approach effective? Absolutely. Not only did my father recover successfully, but I also found a deeper motivation to work efficiently, take meaningful breaks, and elevate my well-being by providing care, compassion, and support. This experience redefined my understanding of remote work’s potential, extending far beyond its conventional benefits.


Reflecting on the transition to 100% remote work, it’s clear that while this setup isn’t universally applicable or a panacea for all challenges, it offers unique opportunities for those who can embrace it. Remote work isn’t just about maintaining productivity; it’s a chance to reconfigure our work-life balance in profoundly beneficial ways, especially in caring for elderly loved ones.

This narrative isn’t solely about overcoming the logistical hurdles of working from home; it’s also a deeper exploration of how remote work can extend its advantages beyond the digital workspace. For me, it enabled a blend of professional diligence with personal compassion, enriching both my work output and my family life.

As we navigate our remote work journeys, let’s remember the broader potential impact—enhancing not only our efficiency but also the quality of life for those we care for. It’s about crafting a work environment that supports both our ambitions and our responsibilities to our loved ones.

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