Digital marketing background

Digitalni marketing

It is about utilizing digital technology to achieve objectives, for which we require professional skills.

There are many channels and they are separated into online and offline. Online channels are Website Marketing, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Video Marketing. Offline channels are TV Marketing, SMS Marketing, Radio Marketing, and Billboard Marketing.

At D-Studio we work with different platforms and tools (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.). However, for running result-driven campaigns this is not enough and a more comprehensive approach is necessary.

We first evaluate the potential for optimization (5 segments of digital marketing funnel). Hence we prepare relevant suggestions to improve the current situation. When the strategy is agreed and KPIs (key performance indicators) are chosen, the execution of campaigns is the next step in the cycle.

Traffic boner

At D-Studio we work transparently and upon evaluating results we define next month’s strategy/budget together and apply it back into the marketing cycle.

It is about facts and figures, more science and less intuition, pursuing measurable results and not subjective opinions. This is what we are good at. However, for many of our clients, we provide training and guidance so they can develop these skills inhouse where necessary.

With digital diligence, it becomes easier to calculate risks and differentiate one’s brand via creative expression.

Google ads management

Google Ads

Social mediaa dvertising

Social Media Advertising

Social media managemen

Social media community management

Iskanje potencialnih strank

Iskanje potencialnih strank

Email marketing

Email list rental service

Business consulting

Digital marketing consulting

Digital marketing planning, management, and optimization framework

Sales funnel

Competition is constantly evolving and to stay ahead we need a comprehensive plan to manage and optimize digital channels again and again. This normally involves a three to six-month strategy with targets well defined, smart KPIs, content management, targeted investment, and continuous analysis.

Read HERE for more about the Digital Marketing Planning Framework.

V D-Studiu vam pomagamo ustvariti izvedljive strategije za resnične rezultate. Naši strokovnjaki bodo z analizo in preglednostjo upravljali vaše kampanje.

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