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What is the goal of your business? Want to drive more traffic to your website and increase online sales? Your start-up or web application needs to be promoted? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place, our expert team can help you. We combine technical skills with creative solutions to achieve the set goals.

If you want to attract new visitors to your website, increase online sales, make more calls, or encourage users to come back, Google advertising can help you.

Choose the right campaign for your business

Depending on your goal and type of business, you should choose the appropriate type of Google campaign. Sneak a peek to check what are your options.

Search campaigns

With Google search ads, customers see your ad on the first page of Google search only when they search for the products or services you offer, based on the keywords you choose.

In this case, you only pay for clicks, ie. actual visits to your website or when users call your official phone.

Display campaigns

Need to target people beyond just Google Search? Display campaigns can help you reach millions of people across millions of websites, apps, and YouTube. Google Display allows you to reach users on the web and applications on all types of devices.

Use your data segments to create ads that are specifically targeted to a certain segment of people—like customers who’ve made a purchase or signed up for emails, or viewed a page on your site. 

Video campaigns

This type of campaign is associated with YouTube. Your ads are shown to users before, during, or after free video playback.

With YouTube video ads, you can reach potential customers while they’re watching or searching for videos on YouTube. Right keywords will post your ad in front of a video and disrupt the user’s behavior enough to grab their attention.

Shopping campaigns

With Google Shopping ads, you can promote your products with images to potential customers.

They’re designed to show users a photo of your product, its price, and store name in a flexible and engaging format across devices.

By using this type of ad you can reach the potential customers who are searching for what you offer, whether that’s a specific brand or product line. At the same time, those ads are a great way to showcase your products, promote sales and drive more traffic to your website.

App campaigns

Google App Campaigns are a quick and easy way to run ads across Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and other partner sites. This is a powerful advertising solution that puts your app in front of prospects at the exact moment they’re searching for apps like yours, helping you drive valuable conversions.

Local campaigns

The idea behind local campaigns is to optimize your bids, creatives, and ad placements to increase visits to your stores. This campaign type allows you to target local customers with your ads.

As more and more people search for local information in your neighborhood, these campaigns can help you get their attention by showing your ad when they’re looking for help finding a nearby business. website.

Smart campaigns

Smart campaigns automate the process of setting up and managing your Google ads. They’re great for local businesses and easy to set up with no management requirements, so you can get back to running your business. It’s a cheap way to drive traffic to your site and make more sales. valuable conversions.

If you have doubts and you’re not sure which type of campaign suits your business best, our marketing veterans will help you make the right decision.

Why chose D-Studio for Google advertising?

First of all, as certified Google partners, we base our skills on both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our Google Ads team has many years of experience in creating and running Google campaigns for a wide variety of businesses.

The perfect fusion of theory, strategy, creativity, and analytics makes us suitable for all kinds of challenges in the field of Google advertising. Proof of the success of our business is numerous satisfied clients and the archive of case studies.

With our help and careful creation of Google ads campaigns, your business can become the No 1 choice of your online audience.

There is no such a thing as two same businesses. Every case is unique and requires a different approach. Our specialized team will evaluate in detail which type of ad is suitable for the online promotion of your brand. Request an offer and we will contact you with the best solution for your business, no strings attached.

Andrej Volčanšek

Google Ads Specialist

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