La importancia de una ficha de Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google that allows business owners to set up a brief profile that displays all the relevant information about their business.

GMB connects businesses and customers in a more complete way than it has been possible before, from making online business profiles to communicating directly with existing and potential customers

The bottom line is creating a GMB account on Google will make it easier to promote and provide crucial information to the target market.

Why do you need a Google Business listing?

Without a Google My Business account, you are denying your business the opportunity to generate more traffic and business and differentiate yourself in Google.

GMB listing will ensure  the customers acquire relevant information about your company when they reach your business on Google or search for terms in any way related to your products or services.

Google My Business can help you:

  • Reach and engage with your target market for free
  • Establish your authority 
  • Increase traffic and sales

Google is the largest search engine is most people’s first stop when searching for information, products or services. Statistics show roughly 80 percent of searches happen via Google.

What Can You Do With GMB?

Google My Business offers brands a simple but effective way to bring in customers via  search engine.  With GMB you can:

  • Update your company profile at any time and insure provided information is always up to date
  • Showcase your products and services through visuals. Provide multiple engaging photos and videos of your offerings to entice the users.
  • Gain customer interest by encouraging them to write reviews. Positive reviews can and will bring in higher click-through and conversion rates.
  • Acquire detailed statistics. It allows you to track site visits and calls, among others.
    Knowing these statistics means that you can bring in more customers by seeing what drives their attention to your business the most.
  • Share your company’s latest offers through different channels

In case you are in the hotel business, Google My Business offers you some additional “perks” such as extensive analytics on people’s interactions with your hotel. Whether a person tries to find you on Google Maps, views your Google Listing from Search, clicks on your phone number or visits your website. 

If you are wondering how this will help your hotel, bear in mind that the potential guest can easily click “call” or “visit website” straight from the Search. This increases the likelihood of guests not only going through the reviews on your listing but also making a direct booking.

In the summer of 2019, Google My Business presented a new feature which allows the hoteliers to update and customize amenities and services in the “Hotel attributes” section.

These features can make your listing more user-friendly and add additional appeal to your property. The more information you can offer Google the more information it can send out to its end customer.  

Contact us to get your business online via GMB and enjoy the benefits.

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