Cómo la transición al trabajo remoto 100% hizo que D-Studio fuera más sostenible

Cómo la transición al trabajo remoto 100% hizo que D-Studio fuera más sostenible

It is not a secret that for quite some time thanks to the pandemic we live now in a new reality. Normally, such extreme global events always bring different opinions on the situation itself and how we should be facing it.

 However, if we look closer at the history of humanity, different opinions are normal but more important is what all of us do as individuals, and most importantly, what kind of conclusions and changes we will do collectively as humanity.

At D-Studio we collectively decided to detach ourselves from individual opinions and collectively put focus on positive changes we can do as an organization in order to achieve more sustainable business and living.

Now after almost 1 year and a half of applying these changes, we as an organization can say that the changes definitely made D-Studio more sustainable and increased the quality of living for everyone working within the organization. 

Additionally, as a consequence of changes we managed to increase the growth of the company and the quality of services we provide to our clients.

How did we face the challenges in the first place?

  • Open discussion within the company regarding the new “pandemic reality” coming ahead of us


  • Doing all the necessary actions for collective adjustment of the organization to the new paradigm


  • Acceptance of responsibility for the outcome of the applied changes, from all individuals involved in the organization


  • Implementation of 100% remote business and systems which promote remote work 


In the case of D-Studio, adjustment was much easier as the organization was already actively working toward objectives which the pandemic only accelerated.

 All the elements for doing the change already existed, there was only the most difficult element of the individual’s comfort zone, which had to shift in order for changes to really and fully happen. 

The last month before the lockdown, D-Studio worked only 1 day per week in the office, and on the day of the lockdown, we had our last meeting before new reality kicked in. Ironically, “new pandemic reality” came for D-Studio as a gift!

What is the outcome of positive adjustment to the new “pandemic reality”?

  • A more lean and agile organization

  • Eliminated transportation costs

  • No more commuting

  • More joyful and content individuals within the organization

Would you like to learn more insights, how you can implement positive changes for more sustainable business and living also in your organization? Write to us or give us a call!

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