Sorteo en Facebook para conseguir un crecimiento viral orgánico

¿Cuál fue el proyecto?

Facebook organic viral giveaway for Redoljub d.o.o.   

¿Quién era el cliente?

In this case, the client was one of the leading Slovenian companies for the sale of commonly used office supplies and stationery. They are distinguished not only by an extremely exceptional and extensive offer, but also with quality, favorable prices, and fast delivery (only 1 day delivery).

Who was the digital marketing specialist (project manager)?

For this setup, the project manager was our Digital/Facebook Advertising specialist, Uroš Vidali. Uroš used his 10-year of experience in the field of Facebook advertising, as well as in setting up a wide variety of advanced and targeted campaigns, to make this project go live.

¿Cuál fue el desafío?

The main challenge was a client’s small organic Facebook base (cca. 2.500 likes) and low Facebook reach.

So, how did we set goals on this project? After a detailed analysis, we focused our project on two main objectives:

Objective 1: Establish Facebook organic viral giveaway contest

Objective 2: Achieve more than 1.000 participants

¿Cuáles fueron los resultados?

Uroš did his magic, implemented his knowledge into the campaign and the results were astonishing:

  • 612 post reactions
  • 1.056 comments = participations
  • 23.152 Facebook reach 
  • The only cost was the cost of the prize –   €60

¿Cómo lo hicimos?

We have prepared an organic post in the form of a Facebook giveaway contest.

Giveaway idea:

– to achieve an organic viral effect on Facebook

Purpose of the giveaway:

– to participate in the contest, each participant had to enter and tag the person he/she wanted in order to receive a backpack


– a backpack for the participant and the person invited by the participant


The giveaway was set up on the Slovenian market. The client had basically a small Facebook base and also a small organic reach on Facebook.

With the giveaway, we achieved the set goals. The giveaway can be considered very effective given the above facts. We have achieved an exceptionally beautiful engagement, as well as an increase in the client’s Facebook organic base.

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