Creación de Me gusta en una página de Facebook para una empresa de bienes raíces [estudio de caso]

One of our clients wanted us to build more Facebook page likes to extend their organic reach with as little money as possible. They also wanted to build them over time. In this case study, you’ll find out how we got page likes for just 30% of the price client was willing to pay for.

Who was the client

In this case, the client was one of the leading real estate agencies for the sale, purchase, and rental of apartments and houses in central Slovenia.

One of their key benefits is that each client can choose the real estate agent they want to work with. All associates have a good knowledge of the real estate market, they are experienced and highly professional while providing legal support.

They have been on the market for almost 30 years and have over 1,500 satisfied clients and an extremely diverse real estate base.

Who was the digital marketing specialist

Uroš Vidali, a lead generation campaign specialist, took this project over. He has experience in building contact bases for over 10 years and has completed more than 400 such projects during that time.

What was the challenge

The project had a primary and a secondary objective.

  1. Primary objective: approx. 5 months to build a 10,000 + FB like base
  2. Secondary objective: Raise brand awareness (increase FB reach)


  1. Primary objective: approx. For 5 months we have built a database of 11,304 FB characters
  2. Secondary objective: Raise brand awareness (in the meantime, we reached 146,645 FB reach)


  • invested: 1,621.43 EUR
  • FB characters collected: 11,304
  • total average stake on FB likes: 0.15 EUR
  • 0.03 EUR was the lowest stake we reached on FB likes

How did we do it

We conducted a Lead Generation campaign within the Facebook Ads Manager. The campaign was set to acquire new Facebook page likes. The advertising was done in two parts. August – September 2019 and January – March 2020.

During that time, we made over 25 different ads. Variations were different texts and different pictures.

Target group

Age: 30 – 55 years old, both male and female

Location: Central Slovenia

Before advertising, we set ourselves a cap of 0.10 EUR / FB likes, when we reached/exceeded this price we went into the ad optimization phase.

Optimization consisted of changing texts and images to find a new combination with cheaper value on FB. We ran 15 different ad combinations and variations, and a total of 25 different ads.


The project exceeded the set goal and also achieved a very good price on the acquired FB (in the meantime we also reached 0.03EUR / likes).

Before the start of the project, the client had a base of just under 2,000 FB likes, which we raised to 13,000 + FB likes in the aforementioned 5 month period.

During the campaign, we noticed that users responded best to a combination of extremely rich, attractive images and short, clear text.

That’s it. Getting Facebook page likes can be easy and quite affordable if you do it right. If you need help with it, let us know.

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