Čili vino: el nacimiento de la marca de vino frío

My roles

Art directoring of a foto shoot with photographer Črt Slavec.

Graphical design of a roll-up POS material and leaflet for an analogue lead-generating campaign.

¿Quién era el cliente?

The ambitious young local farmer that produces delicious home-brewed chilly sauces made something very new and innovative – sweet white wine infused with chilly aroma. He wished for custom took photographs to support his future promotional campaigns.

Having no experience with photo shoots he commissioned me to manage the photo session and to later on design some of the promotional materials, portable roll-up billboard and a leaflet for a lead-generation campaign.

What was the challenge & goal?

Working with models and photographers is fun and creative and at the same time challenging since every party brings his vision and the aesthetic which have to fit with the client’s.

My job was to manage the photoshoot so we end up with good quality image photos of the product and of the model.


Čili vino

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